An Alien Who Loves Chickens…

Dave-COVER-1That’s right, there’s an alien named Dave who has documented his recent travel to Earth. During the visit he was astonished to learn the human customs of consuming meat. In this vividly illustrated book Dave shares all the interesting facts about chickens that make them so loveable. His message of compassion is a clear and positive one.

You may or may not remember a little mention about Vegan Publishers a few posts ago. I was hoping to publish a book with them that I was working on. Even though my hopes didn’t pan out I still respect all that the company stands for. They have published their first children’s book, “Dave Loves Chickens,” written and illustrated by Carlos Patiño. It sounded really cute and I couldn’t wait to read it. Have you heard of it? Now that I got my hands on a copy I wanted to help them out and spread the word about this delightful book.

Dave Loves Chickens is a wonderful read for the vegan kid in your life. I have no reason not to believe that non-vegan kids will enjoy this book just as much. The main character is quirky and fun. After all, he is an alien. The content is catchy and surprisingly educational. Dave actually taught me a few things about chickens that I didn’t know.

As a strong supporter of the message within the book I think it’s just what the children’s book market needs. With the simple text and pages bursting with bright colors this is a great read for a younger audience. The illustrations will grab your little reader’s attention and the content will keep it there through the end.

My only qualm about the book is the writing. The rhyming comes off as a bit forced and even absent in the beginning. This is purely a matter of personal preference. I know finding words that sound alike can be tedious and there are different ways to go about it. Even though it questions my OCD writing style I’m sure it wouldn’t bother those the book is intended for. Despite the writer’s choice of rhymes it’s still memorable. After two readings I pretty much have it memorized. 

I can’t wait to share this with little tummy once she’s old enough to take an interest in books other than a purpose for chewing. If there were books like Dave Loves Chickens around when I was a kid I would’ve been vegan for a lot longer than two years. This is a perfect educational introduction to what we want little tummy to know about her options as she gets older. One of the greatest aspects about being a parent is sharing the knowledge you’ve gained and the values you possess with your children. Whether they choose to accept and adopt them as their own is their choice, but at least you provided them with a sturdy foundation to build upon. This book will definitely be used as a key to open an important discussion as our family grows.

I hear this is not the last we’ll see of Dave. Believe it or not, there are other animals that Dave loves just as much as chickens.

If you are interested in purchasing Dave Loves Chickens then visit Vegan Publishers website or go to Amazon to order your copy now. It comes as a hardback, but there is an Ebook version if you’re into that kind of thing.

Disclaimer: I was not contacted to write this review nor was I compensated in any way. However, Vegan Publishers was kind enough to provide the image I used. I volunteered to do it because I believe in the message and it deserves to get noticed.

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