Tamales for Christmas

Tamales, tamales, tamales. I love tamales! Back home in Texas it is a tradition to have tamales for Christmas and/or New Years. At least in my family it is. Here in Colorado you don’t see tamales all that much, except in Whole Foods and that’s because they’re from Texas. I’m sorry but Whole Foods tamales … Continue reading

Nutty Lasagna Roll-ups

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, to those that celebrate it. I wanted to post this recipe so badly before Christmas but my DIY gifts took up all of my time. It was well worth it though. I couldn’t wait to share this recipe with everyone as I believe it is one of best. … Continue reading

The Lost Meaning of Christmas

WARNING: RANT AHEAD This may sound like something a person with no money would say but that is beside the point. Christmas should be about a celebration of life and being with those you love, not about presents. Those of you who will agree with me but still have a ton of presents waiting anxiously … Continue reading