Welcome Fall with Breakfast

I was hoping to get more responses from my last post. I did get a few answers though. I will be sharing all of those recipes at some point, I just wanted help figuring out which ones to start with. The votes I received were for: pumpkin pie oatmeal, burrito filling, and lentil liverwurst. I … Continue reading

Swimming in Recipes (Please Vote!)

I’ve been in the kitchen A LOT lately. Most of what has been coming out of it are new recipes from me. This has been happening more frequently because I just don’t have the time or energy to plan my weekly menu by looking through cookbooks or pins. The past few weeks of grocery shopping … Continue reading

Feelings and a Side for Labor Day

This is going to be one of those posts you may not want to read. That’s fine, in a way I don’t blame you. Feel free to scroll to the bottom for today’s recipe. For those of you who like me for more than my culinary mind here’s a chance to get a deeper understanding … Continue reading