A Visit to Hog Haven Farm

This past Sunday I did something I have never done before. Make that THREE things I have never done before. I visited an animal sanctuary I volunteered at an animal sanctuary I fed, talked to, and loved on so many pigs! It was a pretty great day. The sanctuary I’m referring to is Hog Haven … Continue reading

Soup’s On!

Soup season is upon us and that makes me giddier than a kid in a candy store. Well, maybe not. I’m a sucker for candy. See what I did there? (You must sing this next part!) I like big pots of soup and I can not lie. You other foodies can’t deny. That when the … Continue reading

Teal is the New Orange

Halloween should be something most kids look forward to. With the rise of food allergy, autism, and SPD diagnoses it has become a stress-inducing holiday that requires much planning from parents to not let their kids feel left out. For some, especially those children on the spectrum and ones that have SPD, it may be … Continue reading