Why Vegan?


I made the choice to become a vegetarian in August of 2011 for different reasons. My first reason was for health. I was also very curious (veg-curious as some would say). What nudged me was something my brother-in-law’s girlfriend (now his wife) said. While petting my dog she asked why love one and eat the other? It made sense and it got me thinking. I made up my mind, set a date, went out for a “special” last meal, and never looked back. Six months later I took my choice to the next level and became vegan. After reading Vegan Freak and a few other books and watched a few documentaries my reasoning extended to the treatment of animals. It took some time to summon up the courage, but I am now proud to say I’m an ethical vegan.

All I knew growing up was a lie. Had I known there was another option I would’ve made the choice long ago. I now realize this is the path I was meant for all along, it just took some time to get here. I have no intention of returning to consuming animals or their by-products. How can anyone go back after gaining knowledge of that industry? This is also the healthiest I have ever been so there is no reason to.

I did not give up meat and cheese because I didn’t like it. Hello, I’m from Texas! We live for BBQ and my dad did a bang up job on the grill. I used to classify myself as a meat and potatoes kind of girl. Cheese was probably my best friend. Anyway, my desire for equality among all living things outweighs what I think tastes good. Those who believe giving up meat is too much of a sacrifice will never understand the impact they have on Earth. From a health standpoint I do know that everyone is different and I understand that one diet does not fit all. From a moral standpoint I truly believe if people take the time to educate themselves about a proper balance and different sources of nutrition anyone can thrive on a vegan diet.

For those that do not want to become vegan for whatever reason I urge them to simply eat less meat and dairy than the Standard American Diet suggests. Try it for a week, maybe two, maybe even a month. It will benefit you and many others in multiple ways. You might be surprised how easy it is and decide to go full on. If you wish to join me on team veg I welcome you with open arms. Please don’t feel intimidated. There’s no reason to be. It’s only food so take a deep breath and dive right in. Explore your tastes. Try new things. Discover your new passion for food. Being vegan is as hard as you want to make it.

If you are skeptical or have doubts I am here to tell you it’s possible. You don’t need meat and dairy to be healthy, quite the opposite actually. Live a more fulfilling life knowing you are making a difference through compassion for all living things. Understand being vegan is not just a diet, it is a lifestyle. With that said, just because I’m vegan doesn’t mean I’m better than anyone. I believe in staying humble. My beliefs are my own, not a judgment on yours.

Overall, I want you to do what feels right for you and your family because that’s all I’m doing. I am open to answer any further questions you may have so feel free to message me or post in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Why Vegan?

  1. Wow! The world needs more people like you! I also became vegan after being a voracious carnivore…for my own health at first and then realized that this is what I’m “meant to do”. My husband (part -time vegetarian,( his co- workers are insatiable) and I relocated our lives from the bustling city of Minneapolis, to the small, town of Birchwood, Wisconsin. Being a true vegan here is difficult but, I make it work for me. Thank you for your inspiration and being a vital voice in the vegan community.

    • Laura, thank you so much for this lovely comment. I’m sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I haven’t been active on here lately because our little family has been going through a lot. Happy to hear you’re able to persevere in a small town. I know some days you must feel like throwing in the towel. Thank you for setting an example for everyone in your community.

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