Chock Full o’ Goodness Granola

 In one of my early posts, Tempeh Veggie Scramble, I talked about loving a hot breakfast and not being able to eat cereal every morning. Well, my husband is the opposite. He can and will eat cereal every morning unless I say I’m going to make something special. Since he became vegan (about 6 months after I … Continue reading

Here’s to New Beginnings T-Shirt Quilt

Push presents are getting more mainstream. I blame celebrities. People have mixed feelings about them, as do I. On one hand who could say no to a present. On the other hand it has a sense of entitlement. You should get a present because that person wants to give you a present not because it’s … Continue reading

Anytime Chickpea Biscuits

I was planning to make these biscuits to go with a creamy potato soup one night for dinner. I didn’t get around to it because Twila had other plans for me that night of the fussy sort. The next morning she slept in so I took advantage of it and decided to make them for … Continue reading