Banana Pumpkin Chia Bread… Oh my!

As much as I love cooking I love baking even more. However the chemistry of it still baffles me so I have never attempted to create my own baked good recipe. Though that has not stopped me from substituting and adding ingredients. People always seem confused as to how I can bake with no eggs. … Continue reading

Veggie Tempeh Scramble

A hot and hearty breakfast is my thing. I am not the type of person to live off cereal and be satisfied with just that. Before I became vegan I was all about having eggs and sausage or bacon every morning. Since the transition, breakfast has been a struggle for me. I love making pancakes, … Continue reading

Mother’s Day Lunch Concoction

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there of both fur and non-fur children. Instead of studying for finals coming up this week I decided to spend my first Mother’s Day throwing together a delicious lunch concocted from leftovers and whatever else we had waiting to be used. My husband and I are on … Continue reading