Put a Little Kick in Your Holiday

Are you looking for a unique side dish to add to the table this holiday? Are you baffled by what to do with all the cranberry butter you have? Do you like spicy food? Well I have just the thing for you. This Spicy Cranberry Polenta is quick and simple and is definitely not a … Continue reading

WHOA… Hot Curry Soup

You may be noticing a pattern with my recipes. I have always loved spicy food but it seems I can’t have a meal without it being at least a tad bit of heat since I became pregnant. It will be interesting to see how the baby reacts to hot food once it starts to eat … Continue reading

That’s a Spicy Unmeatball

We have a pasta dish once a week in this house. We love our pasta. On a rare occasion I’m in the mood for a more nostalgic simple spaghetti and meatballs pasta dish like you had as a kid. This week was super tight for buying groceries so I picked up a few things from … Continue reading