Beefy Crumbles Polish Style

I planned on posting a completely different recipe tonight. As I looked through my stack of recipes waiting to be shared, I came across one that disappeared from my mental file cabinet. I forgot about it because it’s one of my older ones, not because it wasn’t any good. It was SO good and I … Continue reading

More Squash Love

You might be saying, “Another squash recipe?” in an apathetic tone. I can’t apologize for my love of squash. They’re cheap, filling, a healthier option, and extremely versatile. What’s not to love? I did try to spice this one up to keep things interesting. Not literally though. For once I decided this soup didn’t need … Continue reading

The Result of a No List Shopping Trip

Happy Meatless Monday everyone! A few weeks ago I went down to pick up my mother so that she could spend a few days with us. This happened on a Sunday which has been used as the week’s menu-planning-list-making-grocery-shopping day. Obviously none of that excitement happened due to the travelling. Naturally being list obsessed, not … Continue reading