Soup on the Brain

It’s warming up over here. I had the windows open for almost two days earlier this week. It felt great and it was nice to air out the musty winter smell. Warmer weather never stops me from having a nice hot soup. We just had a creamy tomato soup for lunch and dinner today! Fun … Continue reading

Slow Cooker + Soup = Love

My last post was a buzz kill, I’ll admit. My emotions run deeper than I can handle sometimes and it helps for me to write it out. You get what you get when you follow me. I write in the moment and whatever I’m feeling at the time of entry gets poured in. As much … Continue reading

More Squash Love

You might be saying, “Another squash recipe?” in an apathetic tone. I can’t apologize for my love of squash. They’re cheap, filling, a healthier option, and extremely versatile. What’s not to love? I did try to spice this one up to keep things interesting. Not literally though. For once I decided this soup didn’t need … Continue reading