Morning Sickness Cure Smoothie

Here we are, a week into 2015. I hope everyone’s year is off to a good start. Do any of you participate in the whole resolution thing? I haven’t really cared to since I was a kid. It was usually something like I will be a lot nicer to my mother. I was kind of … Continue reading

Asking All Followers

What would you like to read from me? I want to provide my readers with material that you are interested in. Feedback would be helpful in determining what those topics are. I do have some ideas for future posts but am curious if they would be a hit or a flop. I’m conflicted between keeping … Continue reading

Plastic Cup Fruit Pops

All through my pregnancy I have been craving fruit. Fresh fruit, dried fruit, frozen fruit, any kind of fruit. Once it started getting hot and before we got our swamp cooler going I had to have a fruit pop every night before bed to cool down. We were buying those Outshine bars but making popsicles … Continue reading