Pasta Salad for Every Occasion

Now that I have calmed down and got that last post out of my system I can proceed with my original post for today. I first made this pasta salad for a spontaneous picnic papa tummy, little tummy, and I had on Memorial Day. We wanted to go to the park, but it was already … Continue reading

Tofu Goulash

I never heard of Goulash before I met my husband. This is one of the first things he ever cooked for me. However that was way before we even considered becoming vegetarian. I first altered his recipe to add more flavor and fresh veggies since there were none. It has now been veganized and it … Continue reading

That’s a Spicy Unmeatball

We have a pasta dish once a week in this house. We love our pasta. On a rare occasion I’m in the mood for a more nostalgic simple spaghetti and meatballs pasta dish like you had as a kid. This week was super tight for buying groceries so I picked up a few things from … Continue reading