Vegan Food Challenge

SNOW DAY! There’s a blizzard going on in Denver today. Papa tummy was even told not to go into work which doesn’t happen very often. A perfect day to create a recipe! I’ve been experimenting with different things instead of posting lately. A lot of them have resulted in failures. I am getting close to … Continue reading

More Food Allergies

Tonight’s recipe was developed specifically for a vegan community book project. I wrote an article about being vegan and living with food allergies and provided her with this recipe to share. I haven’t heard from her in a while so I’m not sure where she is at in the process of publishing this book. I … Continue reading

Soup’s On!

Soup season is upon us and that makes me giddier than a kid in a candy store. Well, maybe not. I’m a sucker for candy. See what I did there? (You must sing this next part!) I like big pots of soup and I can not lie. You other foodies can’t deny. That when the … Continue reading