Tofu Scramble Pockets

It’s been a while since I posted a recipe. Thanks for being so patient. Things with Twila are going well, she’s 4 weeks old today. Our little girl is growing fast. Probably because she is such a hungry hungry hippo. If she got her daddy’s genes she has a lot of growing to do which … Continue reading

Seitan Schnitzel

Both my husband and I are of German descent. I took German as my foreign language in high school and I loved learning about my heritage. I figured I would not be able to partake in their fare when I became vegan since they’re all about meat, meat, and more meat with some potatoes on … Continue reading

Meeting Rip and “Adonis Cake”

If you don’t know who Rip Esselstyn is you should get to know him. He created the Engine 2 Diet, or simply known as the E2 Diet. Rip is a firefighter from Austin, TX which is where the Engine 2 name comes from. This diet is a more health centered vegan diet since it doesn’t … Continue reading