Merry Christmas, everyone!

Cooking up a storm, making food gifts, sewing until wee hours of the night, and staying up late to wrap gifts. It must be Christmas! I wanted to write a post so much earlier in the month than this, but I had to keep putting it off because of all these things that have been … Continue reading

A New Family Member and Lasagna from Scratch

Little tummy has a brand new cousin! The new family member was born just a few hours ago. There were a few complications during the pregnancy, but I’m happy to report that the birth went very well and we are all over the moon. New baby means exhaustion beyond anything you have experienced before. Getting … Continue reading

The Lost Meaning of Christmas

WARNING: RANT AHEAD This may sound like something a person with no money would say but that is beside the point. Christmas should be about a celebration of life and being with those you love, not about presents. Those of you who will agree with me but still have a ton of presents waiting anxiously … Continue reading