Classic Version of an Old Favorite

On the previous post I mentioned I would be cooking a meal for the new parents in the family. I chose to make them a variation of my Nutty Lasagna Roll-ups to custom fit their taste. I’ve made these roll-ups a few times since I first posted it for all to see. It has become one … Continue reading

My Soy-free Vegan Chorizo Creation

Soyrizo is the best. I have mentioned my favorite soyrizo to use in a previous post, Soyrizo Burgers. I was completely bummed when the soy crutch was kicked from under me knowing that I couldn’t partake in eating this amazing product on a regular basis. Since then I have come to be obsessed with cashews. … Continue reading

Veggie Tempeh Scramble

A hot and hearty breakfast is my thing. I am not the type of person to live off cereal and be satisfied with just that. Before I became vegan I was all about having eggs and sausage or bacon every morning. Since the transition, breakfast has been a struggle for me. I love making pancakes, … Continue reading