More Food Allergies

Tonight’s recipe was developed specifically for a vegan community book project. I wrote an article about being vegan and living with food allergies and provided her with this recipe to share. I haven’t heard from her in a while so I’m not sure where she is at in the process of publishing this book. I … Continue reading

Debbie: As Sweet As Her Treats

One particular afternoon, late in June, I received a sweet email from a Debbie Adler. This might have been the most excited I’ve felt to read an email. An owner of a famous bakery in Los Angeles and author of an award-winning cookbook emailed ME. Me? Yes, me. I have no idea how she stumbled … Continue reading

Cooking with Karma Chow

If you’re not a part of the Beachbody circuit and you don’t work out to the P90X videos then you more than likely have no idea who Melissa Costello is. Have no fear fellow veganeers I am here to spread the news about this incredible lady. Melissa Costello is a personal chef to a lucky … Continue reading