Morning Sickness Cure Smoothie

Here we are, a week into 2015. I hope everyone’s year is off to a good start. Do any of you participate in the whole resolution thing? I haven’t really cared to since I was a kid. It was usually something like I will be a lot nicer to my mother. I was kind of … Continue reading

Who You Callin’ a Tart?

Before moving to Colorado Rainier cherries didn’t exist. The summer after arriving they suddenly materialized, as if by magic. I’ve always been a cherry lover. I even have a cherry tattoo on my hip. Cherry is usually my favorite flavor of anything. Although, before moving here I don’t remember ever having a fresh cherry. That … Continue reading

Dabbling in a bit of Rawness

I missed posting earlier this week to take some time to spend with my mom. Hi Mom! This one’s for you… Being a raw vegan sounds pretty intimidating. It’s something that has intrigued me from the beginning, although there are too many things I enjoy to be fully raw. I do appreciate raw dishes from … Continue reading