For the Love of Casserole

Here in Denver, we are about to break a record for having the snowiest February. The highest being 22.1″ recorded in 1912. After getting over 10″ this past weekend it started coming down again today. Before today we were only 4″ from breaking that record. I’m sure we got that beat. I guess the Farmer’s … Continue reading

MS and a Casserole

Happy Friday to you all! I’ve got a busy weekend ahead of me. Tomorrow little tummy and I are participating in our first ever benefit walk called Walk MS, Colorado-Wyoming to support papa tummy’s step-sister who has been battling MS for quite some time. She wasn’t diagnosed until a few years ago after experiencing minor … Continue reading

My Soy-free Vegan Chorizo Creation

Soyrizo is the best. I have mentioned my favorite soyrizo to use in a previous post, Soyrizo Burgers. I was completely bummed when the soy crutch was kicked from under me knowing that I couldn’t partake in eating this amazing product on a regular basis. Since then I have come to be obsessed with cashews. … Continue reading