Tragedy has struck the tummy house! Before you panic, no one was hurt. It’s Wednesday already and I still haven’t posted the book review or anything else I said I would post by the end of last weekend. Why, you ask? Because I did a dumb thing and now I can’t find my SD card. … Continue reading

Liebster Award

Yes, I know I’m supposed to be on a break, BUT how often do I get nominated for an award?! Never!! This is my first and I couldn’t say no. Yesterday I attended my first vegan meet-up potluck and got to meet some lovely vegan ladies. One of the ladies, Shannon, happens to be the … Continue reading

I’ve Missed You

Hi there! How have you been? I swear I haven’t forgotten about you, blog. This past week has been a whirlwind of highs and low. I’m sorry I missed posting last week. I was thinking about you though, if that counts. Late last Tuesday we found out the family had to take a trip out-of-state … Continue reading