More Squash Love

You might be saying, “Another squash recipe?” in an apathetic tone. I can’t apologize for my love of squash. They’re cheap, filling, a healthier option, and extremely versatile. What’s not to love? I did try to spice this one up to keep things interesting. Not literally though. For once I decided this soup didn’t need … Continue reading

Tamales for Christmas

Tamales, tamales, tamales. I love tamales! Back home in Texas it is a tradition to have tamales for Christmas and/or New Years. At least in my family it is. Here in Colorado you don’t see tamales all that much, except in Whole Foods and that’s because they’re from Texas. I’m sorry but Whole Foods tamales … Continue reading

Savory Breakfast for Dinner

As a kid I loved Jimmy Dean’s sage breakfast sausage.  I was reminded of this while reminiscing about my childhood one day and it inspired this dish. I decided to make the sausage patties out of black-eyed peas, cashews, and vital wheat gluten. You can’t have sausage without pancakes so I thought sweet potato pancakes … Continue reading