Earth Balance 2015 Holiday Bake-Off

Vegan community: if I ever needed you before, I really need you now. I have entered a recipe into this year’s Earth Balance Holiday Bake-Off contest. I’m asking for your vote. Right now I am in the lead, but a new recipe showed up today and they are already gaining on me. The popularity vote … Continue reading

More Food Allergies

Tonight’s recipe was developed specifically for a vegan community book project. I wrote an article about being vegan and living with food allergies and provided her with this recipe to share. I haven’t heard from her in a while so I’m not sure where she is at in the process of publishing this book. I … Continue reading

Teal is the New Orange

Halloween should be something most kids look forward to. With the rise of food allergy, autism, and SPD diagnoses it has become a stress-inducing holiday that requires much planning from parents to not let their kids feel left out. For some, especially those children on the spectrum and ones that have SPD, it may be … Continue reading