Revisiting My Dream Vacation: Part Three

Here we are, the final installment of my New York story. Part one was the reason. Part two was the fun. Part three is the meaning. In retrospect I am still realizing all that was learned 19 months ago. Our adventure was a lesson in trust, courage, and pure indulgence. Both as individuals and within our … Continue reading

Revisiting My Dream Vacation: Part Two

In part one of Revisiting My Dream Vacation I introduced an idea of why I believe I’m so drawn to New York City. That reason may be a little far-fetched for some. However, I was pleasantly humored by all the positive feedback I’ve received. For part two I have promised to share our itinerary and many … Continue reading

Revisiting My Dream Vacation: Part One

Does anyone else believe in fate, destiny, or maybe reincarnation? I am a big supporter in saying everything happens for a reason. The ripple effect of the smallest pebble when dropped in water results in large waves. Where would we be if we made that left turn instead of the right? What would be occupying our … Continue reading