The Other White Meat

Well, hello there! January just flew right on by, didn’t it? Now February is almost over and I haven’t stopped in to see how everyone’s 2016 started. I hope it has treated you well so far. Ours has been full of… life. Life happens. A lot. Papa tummy started taking little tummy to the pool for … Continue reading

Slow Cook Them Burritos

As much as I love easy meals I don’t do them that often. They’re more of a vacation from my usual tornado-like crazy mess that I make in the kitchen. When I think easy meal I automatically look towards my slow cooker. This particular recipe is even easier because it’s a dump and cook style. … Continue reading

Fiesta Month: Saving the Best for Last

Fiesta came to an end a few days ago. Sadly, this means today’s post is my last for Fiesta Month. While April hasn’t been the best to us I hope some of you were able to party it up in celebration. The past few weeks I have provided you with some of my tasty Mexican … Continue reading