The Good, The Bad, and Soy

There is a reason I haven’t posted in a while (Isn’t there always?). Something happened that I’ve been wanting to share. There’s been a few nights when I wanted to write a post about it. I decided to wait until after this morning, when I knew for sure. Don’t worry- it’s good news, great news. … Continue reading


Tragedy has struck the tummy house! Before you panic, no one was hurt. It’s Wednesday already and I still haven’t posted the book review or anything else I said I would post by the end of last weekend. Why, you ask? Because I did a dumb thing and now I can’t find my SD card. … Continue reading

A Visit to Hog Haven Farm

This past Sunday I did something I have never done before. Make that THREE things I have never done before. I visited an animal sanctuary I volunteered at an animal sanctuary I fed, talked to, and loved on so many pigs! It was a pretty great day. The sanctuary I’m referring to is Hog Haven … Continue reading