Farewell Summer

School has begun again, for those that are attending. The air is cooler these days. The smell of rain has filled my home for the past two days. The wind has picked up so I’ve been enjoying the fresh breeze blowing through the open windows. I had to sleep with a blanket over the sheets … Continue reading

One Sweet Breakfast

A savory breakfast is more my thing. Although, you know how much I love pancakes. Cinnamon rolls are great, but I don’t eat them often. They are usually way too sweet for me which is why I also categorized today’s recipe as a dessert. For some reason a thought of making a cinnamon roll pizza … Continue reading

Wrong Time of Year, Right Kind of Cookie

I can’t hold onto this recipe any longer! I know it’s not pumpkin season, but why not celebrate a little early? These cookies will make your house smell like Thanksgiving and Christmas all rolled into one. I lucked out and got a jar of homemade pumpkin butter from a vendor at the farmer’s market I … Continue reading