Cha Cha Cha Chai

Hello! So much has been going on with the holidays. I wanted to squeeze another post in before the new year so here I am for the first time trying to work while both girls nap. We’ll see how far I get. By the way, I have been sharing impromptu recipes on my Facebook and … Continue reading

Welcome Fall with Breakfast

I was hoping to get more responses from my last post. I did get a few answers though. I will be sharing all of those recipes at some point, I just wanted help figuring out which ones to start with. The votes I received were for: pumpkin pie oatmeal, burrito filling, and lentil liverwurst. I … Continue reading

Feeding the Pancake Beast

Before I share my newest pancake creation I wanted to go over the past few days. Sunday was Mother’s Day. Saturday night it decided to start snowing. We woke up Sunday to maybe half a foot of heavy, wet snow covering everything and breaking plenty of trees. It was beautiful and welcome since we didn’t … Continue reading