Tragedy has struck the tummy house! Before you panic, no one was hurt.

It’s Wednesday already and I still haven’t posted the book review or anything else I said I would post by the end of last weekend.

Why, you ask?

Because I did a dumb thing and now I can’t find my SD card. I was lazy one night and left it sitting on top of the laptop on our table. A day went by without me using the laptop and I never bothered to look and see if my SD card was still where I left it. Then, when I went to finally pick it up it was no longer there.

I have a toddler. A toddler that loves little non-toy things like SD cards to play with. This means that darn thing could be anywhere in this house. I’m crossing my fingers that it didn’t get flushed down the toilet.

I’ve been bad and got into the habit of just leaving everything on the card until it was too full to add anything else. Backing up all the photos on there every day is a much better idea. I’ve forgotten exactly everything that was on it there was so much.

If I can’t find it soon I guess I’ll just have to move on without it. I’m still going to give it another week of digging around here to find it before I deem it gone forever in the Bermuda triangle of toddlerness.

Hang in there, folks! I shall return before Christmas.

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