Earth Balance 2015 Holiday Bake-Off

Carob Christmas Cookies with Caramel

Vegan community: if I ever needed you before, I really need you now. I have entered a recipe into this year’s Earth Balance Holiday Bake-Off contest. I’m asking for your vote. Right now I am in the lead, but a new recipe showed up today and they are already gaining on me.

The popularity vote is only one of three prizes that I could potentially win. Truthfully, it is not about that for me. Sure, the prize would be amazing. I won’t deny that. What I really want to win this for is recognition. My hope in winning is that it would help me in my goal to eventually publish a cookbook.

The recipe I entered is pictured above. These scrumptious beauties are Carob Christmas Cookies with Caramel. They happen to be vegan, soy-free, nut-free, AND gluten-free. I used carob instead of chocolate in honor of a friend with a chocolate allergy. You know me, I love to include as many people as I can. In my quest for culinary inclusion I try to make things as tasty as possible too. These cookies are definitely tasty. They’re surprisingly light and have a slight crunch on the outside. The cranberries and pepitas give you that nice play on texture and the caramel on top just sends everything over the edge. Whether I win or not I will be posting the recipe after the contest is over.

To vote: go to the Earth Balance page, choose vote (next to enter), find this picture, and click “VOTE” on my picture. You can vote once every 24 hours. You have until November 30th to do so.

If you believe in me and my dreams then please show your support and vote for my recipe!

Thank you!

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