Tiny Tummy Coming Soon

Have you missed me? I didn’t plan on taking so much time off, or any at all yet. We started renovating our bathroom at the beginning of this month and it has taken much longer than I would have liked. We’re still not done with it, but it’s at a point where I don’t mind taking a break.

Every waking moment and a few sleepless nights have been about the bathroom. It was definitely not the perfect time to start such a huge project. It was the only time we could though. I really wanted to get it done before this baby arrives. It has been extremely stressful, especially with papa tummy now in school. We’ve done it all ourselves, with some significant help from my father-in-law, and that’s something to be proud of. Once it is completely done I am going to share the before and after pics and everything in between. We have learned a lot through this process. DIY home projects are not for the weak.

Now it’s time to focus on this new life that’s about to join us. This one shall be called tiny tummy. I will be 39 weeks on Tuesday and that’s when little tummy decided she was ready to meet us so we’re all expecting this to happen next week. I can’t believe the day is almost here. I felt like this pregnancy just whooshed by and I didn’t get to enjoy any of it. I guess that’s what happens when you’re chasing a toddler around all day.

This time around I really made sure to be prepared in the meal department. I know with papa tummy in school and me having to take care of little tummy with a newborn attached me will be exhausting enough. I didn’t want to have to think about cooking constantly on top of that. The biggest challenge was making sure we stocked things that I know little tummy will eat. I made a large list of things I wanted to stock our freezer with. I could only fit about half of what I wanted to in our freezer. I think what we have is pretty darn good though. It was a lot of work. To make it easier on myself I just doubled, tripled, or quadrupled whatever was on our menu so there would be enough leftover to freeze. I have never done so much big batch cooking in my life! I tried to get as much nutritious stuff in there as possible to help with breastfeeding, too. I did change the recipe on some of these. This is what’s in our freezer right now:

That’s a good stock, right? Hopefully, it will hold us over until I’m feeling up to cooking large meals again.

In case you don’t remember, papa tummy didn’t want to know the gender of little tummy so I kept it a secret from him the whole time and there were only two people I told that were sworn to secrecy. He didn’t know she was a girl until that magical moment. This time we decided to find out together. I’ve been wanting to share what we did for a gender reveal. We wanted to do something special. I came up with this idea before we even found out the gender and papa tummy really liked it so we made it happen.

I am not one to be on camera, but I thought this message was important enough for me to get over it. It’s a little silly, I will admit. Purposefully so. Still, I wanted to make sure to get my point across. This is how we started with little tummy. I didn’t even know “gender neutral parenting” was a thing. Once I read more about it I realized it defined what papa tummy and I believe.

We hate how society pushes to separate each gender. We want our girls to be themselves without being told what they should be based on preconceived definitions. We want them to explore every interest and make their own definition of who they are. If they choose to be a “tom boy” or a “girly girl” then we will know it’s because that’s what they truly are and we allowed them the opportunity to find that out.

I was honestly dreading the responses from sharing this video with family in friends. I thought they would not understand and pass their judgment on. Before I did share it I found this great article to help back up our parenting choice, in case we needed the support. Luckily, no one said a single rude thing. Whether or not they understood our point, I don’t know. I’m just glad we weren’t attacked.

We’re doing a water birth again because it was awesome last time, but this time we’re doing it at home. Yup, we are having a home birth. Another new adventure for us! The lovely midwives with Meadowsweet Midwifery will be taking care of us. They have been great to us this whole time. You can expect a post about this new experience after everything settles down a bit. For now, wish us luck and cross your fingers for the 4th!

6 thoughts on “Tiny Tummy Coming Soon

  1. My mom let us do our own thing and we didn’t feel that our gender was pushed on us. I was always feminine, but my sister was very sporty and androgynous. My mom didn’t care and even let her have a bowl cut and wear boyish clothes. We were happy and felt accepted by her. Way to go and congratulations!

    • This is a super late reply, but thank you! I think in our generation it wasn’t anything for our parents to think about. They just let us be kids. Somewhere between then and now things got out of whack. My mom let me play with whatever I wanted and never pushed anything on me. I dressed like a “tom boy” and acted all tough instead of sweet like I “should have.” I still don’t know how to do my hair or put make up on properly. It amazes me how people put gender labels on toys, colors, and clothes. It makes no sense when you really think about it. It’s such a pet peeve of mine!

      • No problem, you have been more than busy! I just read your recent post and the birth story of tiny tummy, it took me back to when my daughter was born. It was a long difficult delivery as well. But it was all worth it and I came out a little bit stronger for it. Glad all is going well now. Take care 😊

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