Merry Christmas, everyone!

Cooking up a storm, making food gifts, sewing until wee hours of the night, and staying up late to wrap gifts. It must be Christmas! I wanted to write a post so much earlier in the month than this, but I had to keep putting it off because of all these things that have been keeping me busy.

We were in desperate need of family stockings so I finally made some for all of us earlier this month. I think they turned out wonderful. It was a lot easier than I anticipated. I used the pattern and instructions found here if you would also like to make some for your family. They are the perfect size! I get to make the fourth one in a few months when we find out what we’re having.


Then, since we decided not to buy presents for everyone this year so we don’t overextend our already tight budget, I decided to cook up an easy food gift to give out to those that want it. I made this Cranberry Raisin Chia Jam. I made like a quintuple (Is that a thing?) batch and had to reuse all the random jars I’ve been collecting to pack it all up. I should tell you it is little tummy approved. So far, I’ve used some to make Flourless Thumbprint Breakfast Cookies and stuffed them in some French Toast Muffins from the Everyday Happy Herbivore cookbook. Those Thumbprint cookies were so fantastic I’m making another batch tomorrow morning for part of our Christmas day breakfast.

 Chia JamBreakfast CookiesFrench toast muffins

I also decided to sew a few little gifts using the leftover fabric from the stockings I made. Let there be no waste! I made this potholder thing to microwave bowls in so you don’t burn your hands taking it out and these adorable little Kleenex pouches. Ya know, when you need to blow your nose in style. There are a million of other free patterns I found for cute gifts that I would still love to sew, but these two are super easy and stress-free.


Oh, and of course, I also let the family rummage through my old ceramics that just sit around here not being used. This is only the second year I decided to do this. They really loved my things last year so I thought I should try to unload some more. Up for grabs this year is my collection of quirky mugs with funky handles. Here are a few of them:

Mug 1Mug 2Mug 3Mug 4

What has 6 russet potatoes, a pound of mushrooms, a pound and a half of green beans, 2 onions, a bulb and a half of garlic, lots of soy-free Earth Balance buttery spread, and some pineapple juice? Our Christmas day feast, that’s what! I have been in the kitchen all day preparing this spread I have had planned for two weeks now. Hubby made this pineapple-glazed seitan ham roast first thing this morning. I finished it up with the glaze in the oven after he went to work. I also made sweet roasted acorn squash, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy, a classic green bean casserole with homemade french-fried onions, and whole wheat pull apart rolls. I think I outdid myself! Everything is 100% from scratch and all soy-free and nut-free for my girl. I have tried it all and it’s one amazing meal. The sides are from The Vegan Pregnancy Cookbook and the gravy is from Veganomicon. I am so glad we came across that seitan ham roast. I have been craving some good vegan ham lately. It makes a lot so hopefully it will last.

Whole wheat pull apart rollsRoasted garlic mashed potatoes

Pineapple-glazed seitan ham roastClassic green bean casserole

That’s all for tonight, folks. I am beat and I still have a few gifts to wrap. I hope everyone has a joyful Christmas with family and friends and a fantastic New Years! My New Year’s Resolution is to start sharing all the recipes I have been saving up with everyone so get ready. Until then, cheers!

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