Please Forgive My Absence

I’m not sure if you noticed my inconsistent postings the past few weeks. My days and weeks have been filled with new adventures, both good and bad, and tiredness from it all. I have been putting HotCT on the back burner so I don’t miss out on anything going on around me. For instance, the toddler that’s constantly on the move. Little tummy will always be my first priority. For that I will not apologize.

I’m writing today to inform you of the leave of absence I will be taking for a while. This is really hard for me to do, but after thinking about it for a few days I have decided it would be best. My main goal for this period of time is to put my focus and energy on writing the book I have been working on. I can’t put this off any longer. This is something I believe needs to be done as soon as possible. If I don’t do this now I’m afraid it will never happen. I would like to finish this book before little tummy’s first day of school. That means, I have approximately 1,445 days to finish what I have started.

I’m only planning on taking off one or two months for now. VeganMoFo has begun which I hate to miss. I was actually planning on joining this year, too. The time just wasn’t right. I still have so many recipes to share with you all and lots of other ideas to mess around with. I will definitely be back to share everything in the fall. Most of the recipes I have saved up are more fall-ish so it will be perfect!

I have recently acquired some new followers. Thank you for following, by the way! I’m sorry to be doing this right after getting to know you. I hope you stick around long enough for my return. I’m sure I will still be hanging around social media. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

_DSC5595This week will be my last for a while. Before the end of the week expect a cookbook review I have been working on, especially for you gluten-free folks. Then, I will leave you with a tasty new dish I made two weeks ago using heirloom tomatoes (pictured on the right).

If you haven’t already, please check out the two posts I wrote for Humane Project. The first one is The Evolution of Going Vegan. This was more of an introduction and a brief explanation containing the benefits I came across while going vegan. The last post was The Disconnected Admiration of Wearing Animal Skin. This piece contains information on the suffering animals endure for the sake of fashion, along with a bit of history and discussion of other options. Please read, comment, and share if you feel the desire to.

Before I go today, I would like to thank everyone for your support. I have come a long way since the start of HotCT so thanks for tagging along on this ride. Each like, comment, and share has given me the motivational boost to continue. I enjoy writing for you all and that will not change.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

Mark Twain

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