I’ve Missed You

Hi there!

How have you been? I swear I haven’t forgotten about you, blog. This past week has been a whirlwind of highs and low. I’m sorry I missed posting last week. I was thinking about you though, if that counts.

Late last Tuesday we found out the family had to take a trip out-of-state the next day. You know I’m not a very spontaneous person so I quietly went into panic mode trying to figure out what all we needed to pack in less in 24 hours from our departure. We were not expecting little tummy to get her wings so soon in life, but these things happen. She did very well compared to my dramatic predictions of all things that could go wrong. Our purpose of travel left no room for an update so I didn’t even bother bringing my laptop. We were only to be gone for a few days anyway.

Papa tummy’s grandfather was not doing well. It was important that the family made the trip as soon as possible. I haven’t known papa tummy’s grandparents very long, but I have grown very fond of them. It’s easy to love those that are close to the one you love. We spent our time with him and he got to meet little tummy, his first great-granddaughter. The first thing he commented on was her blue eyes. We celebrated his life with a mini family reunion, sharing stories, and eating good food. It was time for us to come home. The morning after we returned we got the news that he had left us. I had a feeling that was going to be the case. From experience with my grandparents it seems they are ready to let go once they have said their goodbyes to loved ones.

The day of grandpa’s passing was also the day of little tummy’s first birthday party. It was too late to postpone it, especially since we rented a space in a very nice park. I know grandpa was there in spirit, celebrating with us. We couldn’t have planned a better first birthday party for our girl. Everything was perfect. I have attached some photos of the happy occasion for you to enjoy.

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I made my veggie pasta salad and some of my fresh hummus (I still need to post that recipe). Everyone loved my pasta salad! I was surprised even the picky eaters of the family had no trouble gobbling it up. I really wanted to make her first birthday cake myself, but since we were getting back about 24 hours before her party that was going to create tons of stress with everything else I had to do. I had dreams of making her a large cupcake cake of a raspberry chocolate chip white cake with a special vegan/soy-free/gluten-free/delicious fondant that I’ve been trying to come up with. Instead, we picked up a cake from Gluten Escape before we left on our trip and it sat in the freezer while we were gone. Lame, I know. It was still a good cake and I love their frosting. I chose the key lime. It had a very subtle flavor, but it was perfect for little tummy’s first sweet treat besides fruit and a tiny taste of almond milk frozen yogurt a few months back. All she wanted to do was squish it in her hands anyway. I think she only got two or three bites in her mouth.

In case all this isn’t enough to share I have some exciting news you may or may not be happy about. It might affect the days that I visit you. Before we left to see grandpa I received a message on LinkedIn from someone wanting to hire me to blog on her new website. I about hit the floor when I read the message. It was so random since I haven’t even tried to connect with anyone. I just spoke with her on the phone last night and we have agreed on a two-week trial. The website is Humane Project, rolling vegan fashion and animal rights awareness into one site. She wants me to blog about vegan facts, factory farming, and the vegan perspective. Basically all things vegan to inform readers on the positives and show how simple it is to make the switch. Like I could say no to that. I’m hoping to have the first post up on Thursday.

In case that still isn’t enough news, I received another message through you Sunday morning from someone wanting to talk to me about recipe development for their food project. I haven’t heard back from him yet, but that’s even more exciting! I’m not sure what’s going on right now. It seems my stars are beginning to align. I hope I don’t let them or you down. You are the reason all this is happening so thank you.


Celeste (mama tummy)

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