A Week with the Tummies

This past week was one of the busiest weeks I’ve had in a while. There was so much going on each day that the whole week ran the spectrum of emotions. Anxious and nervous to elated and proud. So for my 100th post I wanted to give you all a re-cap of all the things we did. Did you catch that? This blog entry marks number 100!!! I also received my 500th ‘like’ on the blog Friday!!! That’s probably chump change to most, but it’s huge for me. Without further ado, here is a week with the Tummies…

Monday: Little Tummy’s MRI

I promised an update on little tummy after her next test. Monday was the day of the MRI at Children’s Hospital Colorado next to where I delivered little tummy. Naturally, I had a hard time sleeping the night before. I was worried how it was all going to work out. Since she was going to be put under anesthesia she couldn’t eat. I knew that was going to be the hardest part. Her appointment wasn’t until 1:30 pm so she couldn’t eat solids after 4 am, breastfeed after 8 am, or drink clear liquids after 10 am. That is a long time for someone her size not to eat that doesn’t understand why she can’t. I didn’t want to put her in any unnecessary distress so papa tummy made sure to keep her away from me most of the morning. I know if she saw me she would want to nurse and scream if she couldn’t. Of course, they were running late so she had to wait longer than she should have. She did surprisingly well though. I think after a certain amount of time she entered the I’m-not-hungry-anymore stage.

We finally got called back for them to check her vitals and go over with us what was going to happen. Parents of children under 1-year-old aren’t allowed to be in the room when anesthesia is given. The nurse explained because some parents can’t handle it and freak out so the staff ends up taking care of the parents instead of focusing on the child. I was okay with that. I wouldn’t have wanted to be in the room anyway. I wouldn’t have run into a glass door and broken my nose and fainted or anything (apparently that has happened), but I would’ve been stressed out. We were told she was going to be given a mask to distribute sleepy gas before they were to do anything. Once she was asleep they had to give her an IV and all that jazz, then it was test time. She would then be taken to the recovery room where we would meet her after she started to wake up and stay there until her vitals were stabilized. I had to walk away from her screaming as a nurse took her from my arms. Then the real worry started.

The test took a little over an hour and a half. I packed a lunch for us so we went to the cafeteria in the hospital to wait it out and nourish ourselves. The time seemed to drag on. I tried to occupy my mind with wandering around the hospital looking at all the cool art on display that the staff did. I perused the gift shop looking at all the cute baby things finding myself wishing little tummy was a newborn again. I stayed strong and didn’t shed a tear when the brief thought of her not waking up crossed my mind. Finally, we got the page and were taken back to the recovery room.

They had her all bundled up in several blankets. The nurse was busy trying to unhook the multiple wires connected to little tummy. She left the one on her foot running from the ECG machine. Little tummy looked pathetic lying there, eyes closed and repeatedly scratching her face. Not aware where she was, who we were, or what she was doing in there. We were told that one of the first instincts they get back after waking up is the sucking and swallowing motion. I told the nurse unhooking her that I wanted to feed her right away so she let me. That was way more difficult than I anticipated. It was like dealing with a little drunk person that wouldn’t cooperate. She was all floppy and disoriented. Papa tummy had to pin her arms to her side so she wouldn’t scratch her face up more than she already did. If I have failed to mention that she now has 7 teeth this would be the perfect time to bring it up. If she has to go through this again or if any of our children to come do I will never nurse right away ever again. I’m surprised she didn’t bit my nipple off! I didn’t yell or anything because I know she didn’t know what she was doing. Just never again.

We weren’t in recovery for long. Little tummy finally opened her eyes and gained control of her neck again. I thought she was going to snap her own neck a few times. When we got home she was awake enough to properly eat. No more biting. It took her about 2 hours to get back to normal. She was acting like nothing happened. It’s possible she didn’t remember any of the day’s events. I have one complaint from all of it. I wish they had someone better giving her an IV. They pricked her multiple times in both hands and feet before they found a good vein. She still has the bruises today from it.

We were so worn out from the day’s events instead of cooking the dinner I had planned, papa tummy called in an order to Native Foods and picked it up. We both had the Monday night special of the bacon cheeseburger with fries. Even though it contained boy soy and gluten. I wanted to not worry about it for the night. I was so hungry and stressed I didn’t care. Plus, little tummy hasn’t been affected by the tiny amount of soy I’ve been consuming lately. For dessert I tried the peanut butter parfait. That was decadent and more rich than I expected. A good way to end the day.

Tuesday: Meeting with the Pediatric Urologist

Today was the day to go over the results from the MRI and find out just how serious her ureterocele is. The doctor went over the images with us from the test and still couldn’t tell us a whole lot about it. What we found out was that her right kidney is only functioning at 25% making it slower to empty into her bladder. It’s the top portion of her kidney that isn’t fully functioning which is where the second ureter and ureterocele she developed is connected to. The doctor is certain the ureterocele is what’s causing the reflux of urine and the UTI she got.

The problem is she’s only had one ultrasound so there’s nothing to compare. The doctor requested to get another ultrasound in three months to determine if the ureterocele is getting larger. If it is then he wants to go in and puncture it to hopefully relieve some pressure and help the urine flow more efficiently. In the meantime she has to continue taking the daily antibiotics to prevent another UTI until her next ultrasound in October. We still have a lot of unanswered questions and we don’t exactly know what’s going on. From what I understand this shouldn’t give her any future problems. This happens more than you think. You might even know someone who has dealt with this.

Wednesday: Catch-up

The only day papa tummy had to work this week. I stayed home with little tummy and caught up on some cleaning and whatnot. I found time to post a rant sparked by GMA and a new recipe.

Thursday: Papa Tummy’s Birthday

IMG_20140703_092204He’s an old man of 30 now! To start the day I made my gluten-free pancake muffins and added blueberries. They were yum! I made a side of chickpea scramble full of veggies too. We headed out to go see an exhibit at my old place of work, the MSU Denver Center for Visual Art in the Santa Fe Arts District. They plan exhibits two years out so I knew the Paper Work show was coming up and I wanted to see it. It had been approximately 370 days since my last day of work there. I worked up until I was about 7 1/2 months pregnant. Time flies…

We then spontaneously decided to take little tummy for her first swim. Papa tummy is an experienced swimmer. He was on the swim team on and off throughout his school career. His first job was a lifeguard at almost 16 years old and didn’t quit that until the summer of 2011. While lifeguarding he also taught some swim classes for kids ranging from 5 to 10 years old. So if there is anyone to trust teaching our daughter how to swim it’s him. I stayed on the side and snapped some pictures.


After the water fun we had to go home and get ready for our date! Papa tummy’s sister was going to babysit while we went out to dinner. After dropping little tummy off with her aunt we headed over to WaterCourse! We were very much looking forward to this since we haven’t had the opportunity to give their new 100% vegan menu a try. The new menu is comfort food at it’s finest. It’s all Southern and everything I love. I would love to do a separate write-up on the new menu. I have contacted to owner to see if he wouldn’t mind answering a few questions about it. If he decides to answer me I will definitely share with you what he says.


Friday: 4th of July Parade

I made a post on Friday, early in the morning. I couldn’t sleep because I was so excited for the parade. Before heading out to meet up for that I made a tart for dessert. I will be posting that recipe this Friday. You don’t want to miss this one!


We got to the check-in to grab our free shirts and then we all walked over to where the parade was going to start and got placed in our staging area. There were more kids in our group than I expected which made me want to write my book even faster. If there are this many vegan kids in Denver I know my book could do very well.




As our turn approached I got more and more nervous. There were a lot of people in the crowd! I am much more comfortable hiding behind the keyboard supporting others than being out in the open on display. I was wearing little tummy and by the time it was our turn to start walking she had fallen asleep on me. So there I was walking down the street with a baby strapped to my chest and all eyes on me. We were given brochures to hand out and the kids in our group were having fun throwing candy at the kids in the crowd. We were not very organized which was embarrassing. At the start, our group spread out way too much making me feel even more exposed. The parade began slowing down though so the others caught up.



There were more quiet moments than there were moments of people cheering for us. We were mostly silent, just walking and waving, except for the woman holding the banner in the front. She was gently encouraging onlookers to  “GO Vegan! For the animals! For the planet! For the People!” I was pleasantly surprised to not have anything obscene or vulgar yelled at us or things thrown at us. I don’t know why I was anticipating the worst. One man did yell as we passed by, “What’s for dinner?” I started thinking oh no, here we go. Before I could finish my thought papa tummy threw his fist up in the air and yelled back, “Vegetables!” To my surprise the man approved by clapping and others started cheering. There was a woman on the other side that said while pointing at us as we walked by, “For some reason all you guys look good. (wink wink)” That gave us all a laugh.

The brochures we were handing out were full of vegan resources from local, national, and international vegan-owned businesses. There was also a list of films to watch, books to read, blogs to look up, advocacy support, and sites for information on nutrition. Very informative and nothing that would offend anyone and make them turn away. I believe that’s why the crowd accepted us. We weren’t there to shove horrific images in their faces or make them feel bad about anything. We were there to inform and enlighten. We were there for those that were willing to listen. I have learned from experience that is the only way you are going to reach people and encourage a change. Peacefully and respectfully. My kind of advocacy.

Despite my shyness it was a wonderful thing to be a part of. I felt a sense of pride and community. I’ve never been around that many people with the same philosophy as I have. The only reason we were able to be a part of this parade was because of the people from VeganShift. There will be more events in the future too. I look forward to being a part of them as well. Their goal is to make events like this happen globally so that we grow a larger community and let the world know we are here. History in the making. A resource to support those ready to make the shift on their own without being bullied into it.

Saturday: City O’ City

Yesterday morning papa tummy’s dad and step-mom wanted to take us out for his birthday. We got to choose where since my diet is somewhat limited right now. We decided to go to City O’ City for breakfast. It’s been a while since we’ve been there and we’ve never had their breakfast. The previous times we dined there we weren’t super thrilled with our food. I’ve always referred to them as “the greasy diner” compared to its sister, WaterCourse. Their breakfast has redeemed my previous thought of them. It was incredible! I had the savory oats and papa tummy had the PB&J waffle. They were both gluten-free as most of their breakfast items were or can be made so. My oats were perfect and it actually kept me satisfied until lunch. This is going to be our new favorite breakfast joint.

That sums up our week. I told you we were busy. Today is the last day for VegFest Colorado which we will not be attending. I’m very sad about that, but there’s always next year. It’s only growing so I know it’s not going anywhere. I would love to hear what you’ve done this week. Please tell me in the comments! I wish everyone a good night and a wonderful start to this week.

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    • Thanks for reading! She’s doing a lot better since we found out what was going on. Before, something was definitely off. Now, she’s more independent and sleeping better.

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