Revisiting My Dream Vacation: Part Three

Here we are, the final installment of my New York story. Part one was the reason. Part two was the fun. Part three is the meaning. In retrospect I am still realizing all that was learned 19 months ago. Our adventure was a lesson in trust, courage, and pure indulgence. Both as individuals and within our relationship. My taste buds got a pretty good lesson all their own.

I will get to all that in a moment, but first a side note. If I had my blog back when this trip took place, or my Instagram account, I would not be posting this now. I would have been typing non-stop during the whole trip. Not enjoying the moment. Not having the same experience I have shared with all of you. It’s nice to not have that constant feeling of I must post this now. Along with my other recommendations from part two add put away your phone and tablet to the list. Be in the present and let it consume you. Trust me, we can all wait to hear about your amazing vacation upon your return.

Back to the conclusion…

Oh the food. The endless plates of life-changing food we stuffed ourselves with. I just ate dinner and I’m getting hungry just thinking about it all. I possibly made myself sick from all the richness I consumed, but I have no regrets. I savored each bite. Studied each morsel. Took a mental picture of each dish. I wouldn’t be the cook I am today without tasting the sophistication New York had to offer. Even the most simple Southerner would find it hard not to appreciate the meticulous plating and exotic flavors. I will never find myself on the same level as these chefs. Mostly because it’s not my style, but I honestly think I don’t have what it takes to be that creative and bold. I’m comfortable with where I’m at. Although I will always strive to be better. I never dreamed of how incredible the food was in this city. Even if I had it wouldn’t have come close to the tangible version.

Some people say if you build up an idea or event in your head you will only get disappointed by the actual happening of it. Some people say you should lower your expectations so disappointment won’t ensue. I say to hell with those people. I spent my entire childhood imaging how wonderful New York City is. The people. The places. The energy. I was a little worried that the reality was not going to match the picture in my mind. It didn’t. It was even better if that’s possible. Maybe it had something to do with the awesome guy I was able to share this life-long dream with.

Being in NY was the most free I have ever felt. That was the last time I truly felt beautiful. It was just me and my man and the city. If you need a good excuse to reconnect with your spouse go on a trip. Not just anywhere though. Go somewhere new and unexplored. Where you don’t know anyone or anything. All you have is each other. It’s an excellent opportunity to gain trust and reignite that passion you have for each other (if it was lost). It takes a certain amount of courage to immerse yourself in the unfamiliar. Taking that leap with the one you love will inevitably strengthen your relationship. It’s an unforgettable moment only you two will have and share for the rest of your lives. All of this was true for me and my husband. I wouldn’t trade the time I had with him there for anything and I wouldn’t change a second of it.

Despite the blisters we had our fun. It was time to leave this city behind and return to our less exciting lives. The depression of not being in New York was subsiding each day. Things were returning to normal. Eric’s graduation rolled around. We celebrated afterward by having a family meal at WaterCourse, the closest thing Denver has to the vegan restaurants in NYC. Our routine was getting back to normal. Then, something felt different. A month after our trip came to an end I found out I was pregnant. Didn’t I tell you we had fun? We’re all adults here, I think you can handle that truth. The following week was Christmas. The day we decided to announce it to most of the family. The day after Christmas was my first doctor’s appointment which confirmed the timeline we suspected. Nine months later little tummy was born. Eric and I became papa and mama tummy. Home of the Compassionate Tummies was created.

Back to my first post. Imagine if we had decided to not move in to this house before we bought it. We would not have gone to the Dragon Boat Festival. I would not have purchased a raffle ticket. I would not have won airline tickets. We would not have had the greatest experience of our lives that resulted in our proudest moment. Everything happens for a reason, folks. Take a back seat and let fate drive once in a while. The end.

This ending is only the beginning.


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