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Hello all! Instead of making posts last week I was typing away creating two new pages for my little blog here. I wanted to let all of you know now that they are done and ready for visitors. I hope that you might find the content informative and useful. If you do I would greatly appreciate a share. I especially think those who are newly vegan or curious about becoming vegan will benefit from them.

  • “Keep It Stocked” is my list of items that I think every vegan kitchen would be happy to have on hand. Within this list are links to my favorite products, some recipes featuring specific items, and a few articles explaining certain products and their health benefits.
  • “Eating Veg in Denver” are my reviews on where you can get vegan food in Denver and the surrounding area. This list includes vegetarian/vegan restaurants, local eateries that offer good vegan options, local food trucks, restaurant chains that may be in your area, and local markets. Each review has a link to the their website so you can take a peek at the menu and other information.

I am open to suggestions and corrections so please don’t hesitate to comment!

For the next few weeks I am going to continue working on my book project so I will be taking a break from blogging. Upon my return I have new recipes to share that I’ve been working on and a cookbook review from Karma Chow. 

Thank you for following me!

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