Chasing Dreams

I hope everyone’s new year is off to an amazing start. I know mine is! I will be going back to school in 18 days. I am writing tonight to let my readers know once school starts I will be taking a break from blogging. Twila is distraction enough from my studies. I am absolutely dreading going back to school but am determined to graduate soon. I have come this far so I might as well finish.

I’m also needing to take some time off to focus on a project I’m working on. It has been a long-time dream of mine to write children’s books. That dream is getting closer to becoming a reality. I recently contacted a publisher about one of my ideas. To my surprise they responded quickly and are intrigued enough to ask for more. It may not come to anything but I have to give it a try.


There are a few posts in the works that will be published before my leave of absence takes place. I am finishing up a review on The Great Vegan Bean Book and there are one or two more recipes you can expect.

This year is going to be tough. If everything works out this will also be the best year yet. I hope to provide you all with more tasty dishes upon my return. Thank you for being a part of my blog family.

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