The Vice of Many

About the second week of November I had enough of our leftover Halloween candy. I declared to my husband that it was finally time to kick the candy habit. Of course this excluded chocolate. I rarely get cravings for chocolate anyway. A little chocolate never hurt anybody, right? It was too late to take our leftover candy to a dentist for donation and I didn’t want to just throw it away. I put it in a bag and tucked it away in our pantry until I could figure out what to do with it. A week or two went by and I gave in to temptation. I just had to have some Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids. Not long after I started feeling like complete crap. There’s a reason for that. I just finished consuming complete crap. That was it. It was tough but I threw away what must have been $10 worth of candy. I hate throwing away money so that made me even more sick.


Okay, I’m not THAT bad. In fact, I never could understand the whole let’s put sugar on cereal thing. What I really don’t understand is that it’s perfectly acceptable to eat a pastry for breakfast, but it’s frowned upon to have cake, pie, or ice cream for your first meal of the day. It makes me sad (and kind of sick to my stomach, literally) that everything needs added sugar these days to taste good. By whose standards, I don’t know.

This country is addicted to sugar and I am no exception. I love anything gummy and/or sour. Bears, worms, fruit, coca-cola bottles, etc. I obviously couldn’t have most of these after becoming vegan. It was a happy day when I learned Sour Patch Kids are vegan. Just because it’s vegan doesn’t mean it’s good for you, folks. Giving sugar the boot is one of the hardest things you can make me do. I’m trying to decide if I should cut it out completely or just the candy. No more ice cream, cake, cookies, or pie. Just kill me now. I absolutely love baking so I either need to try baking without sugar or I need to give up one of the few things I’m passionate about. I know I would feel a lot better so why is it so hard?

The thing is I have someone else to think about now. What I eat effects Twila. I got a rude awakening the day after I ate a ton of cupcakes. These were cupcakes I made from scratch so they weren’t full of junk. I wasn’t feeling well afterwards and I am convinced that I made her sick. The next day she threw up all over me and was fussy for most of the day. If “healthy” cupcakes can do that no wonder my stomach has gotten so sensitive when it comes to things that shouldn’t be in our food in the first place.

The other day I read an article on the 100 Days of Real Food website that was baffling, How Food Companies Exploit Americans with Ingredients Banned in Other Countries. I had no idea that the same products are made with different ingredients for other countries. That seems like they are making more work for themselves. Even though they know these ingredients aren’t good for us these companies use them just because we haven’t specifically said not to. That’s just like a bully telling their victim you’re going to eat this and you’re going to like it so deal with it. The shelves of grocery stores here in America are a chemical shit storm. They are going to continue to be until we stop allowing these companies to bully us. The more I learn about our food industry and the crap that they allow the more I want to move to Europe.

Peace out guys. I’m going where you can trust the food you’re eating isn’t slowly poisoning you. Go vegan. Eat whole food. Live a long and happy life.

5 thoughts on “The Vice of Many

  1. I stopped eating chocolate over two years ago and swiftly followed that with giving up all sugar and have ended up changing my tastes completely – having always said I was a ‘sweet’ person, I’m now definitely ‘savoury’! It’s only when you cut out the sugar that you realise the hold it can have on you, and how it affects your brain; my son recently did some cooking at school, all recipes full of sugar and flour, and I of course tried them, and as soon as I had some of his very sweet apple crumble, all I wanted was more of it and more of any food. The sugar completely changed my rational thinking! It’s after all, another drug 😕

    • Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog. I just followed you back! I do agree that sugar is a drug. I think I can get to the point of only having something sweet once in a while. Moderation would make the desire for it appear less often. I am most definitely more of a savory person already. Do you do a lot of baking without sugar? If so, are there any substitutions you would recommend?

      • To be honest, I have pretty much trained myself out of baked foods, I’d rather not have any at all than a substitute!! I do bake standard recipes for my son and husband, although I put less and less sugar in things to hopefully eventually wean them off it! If I do feel the urge I just try to use fruit or dried fruit to add flavour and some natural sweetness, like the clementine cake I posted a couple of days ago ☺️
        I look forward to reading more of your blog

      • I will have to check that out. Thank you! Not baking ever again would be depressing. I like the thought of baking for others. I would just have to practice some self-control. Have a wonderful day!

      • I love to bake for others too ☺️ and now that I no longer eat the things I bake, I’m actually more content!
        Enjoy your day and weekend 🎄

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