Did you know vegans have psychic powers?

In case no one has watched the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. The World I thought I would share this with all of you. When I first saw this movie I wasn’t even a vegetarian so it’s not surprising that this scene escaped my memory. We were watching it last night and this couldn’t have made me laugh any harder.

Did you know vegans have psychic powers? This explains a lot actually. Oh and this just gets funnier when the vegan police show up to take away his vegan powers after he was tricked into consuming dairy.

Even if this is making fun of vegans I have a sense of humor and I find this to be quite hilarious. If only I could emit orbs of white light to vanquish those that challenge me…  I highly recommend this movie by the way.

On a more serious note, are vegans better than everyone else?

No, I would not claim that as true. There is no right and wrong. Just because it is right for us does not make everyone else wrong. What is wrong is condemning others because their actions and beliefs are different from yours. It is naive to think that one day everyone will be vegan. It’s a nice thought to daydream about but will not likely be in our future. At least not in our lifetime.

It’s important to remember that diversity makes the world go ’round. Being vegan is no different. If someone decides to become vegan it is for their own choices and I can guarantee it’s not a result of preaching from some carnivore hating bitter vegan. For me a big part of being vegan is compassion which includes being compassionate towards humans as well. Therefore I have toned down my anger towards others and raised the acceptance scale. Sure I get frustrated with people’s ignorance but that will never change. The difference is I choose to let things go instead of harboring those feelings and becoming one of those vegans that can’t be around non-vegans. That is a quick way to alienate yourself.

My point of this rant is to let people be who they are. Be available for answering questions but don’t partake in spouting off facts to win an argument. It’s not worth it. At the end of the day they will still believe what they want to believe. The same goes for you meat eaters. My wish is that we can all just get along. Why are people so threatened by difference?

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