5 weeks to go until the debut of Little Tummy

That is if our baby is more patient than we were. My husband and I were both two weeks early so who knows about this little one. Since I am a planner my last day of work was June 28th in order to give me enough time to get everything in order here at home. Which is why I’m popping in to say sorry for my absence this past week. However I do have some tasty things planned for this week so stay tuned. I have been a whirlwind of cleaning and organizing around here.


My mom is in the process of selling all of her life long possessions to move up here for a fresh start and to be closer to us. She seems to think that I am nesting and therefore is certain this baby is going to come early. Moms and their old wives tales. She must have forgotten I have been “nesting” my entire life.

Anyway some of the things on the menu for next week include a creamy soup, non-meatloaf muffins, and fruit pops. I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday. I’m going to go bake some banana bread!

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